Industrial Technology Showcase 2021


These works cover all Industrial Technology focus areas – Timber Products and Furniture, Automotive, Electronics, Graphics, Metal and Engineering, and Multimedia.

St Mary's College, Casino

Harriet Chard

Title: "The Cat"
Statement: In my Major Project, a film, the protagonist is sucked into a mystical world by an elusive cat. This work was filmed and edited using the Adobe suite and incorporating hand drawn rotoscoped effects.

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Jaidyn Rossiter

Title: Echols Desk
Statement: My unique desk contrasts a dark timber body (Jarrah) and light timber top (American Rock Maple). Brass inlays complement the two timbers and add an antique aspect to the modern style. Processes to construct the desk included template flush cutting for the legs and rails, dovetail jigs for the drawers, and housing jigs and mortise and tenon jigs for the frames. The drawer runners sit underneath so the drawers appear to be floating and are positioned so they are invisible at any angle. My most notable feature is the inlay, which I made using the computer numerically controlled router.

Tom Nunan

Title: Writing Desk
Statement: I created a writing desk from Tasmanian Blackwood as it has a very aesthetically pleasing look. I was able to overcome many obstacles throughout the making process and in the end, I created a project that I will get plenty of use out of and am extremely proud of.

Vaughan Lickley

Title: Contemporary Desk
Statement: My contemporary study desk incorporated a wide variety of woodworking skills and had high functionality as a suitable workstation to complete work and study. I wanted the finished product to look aesthetically pleasing and suit the style of my home while at the same time being a timeless design that wouldn’t date. Constructing this project, I incorporated a wide variety of skills including different types of joinery: dovetail, rebate and widening, dressing rough sawn timber to dressed all round (DAR), creating and installing an inlay and, applying appropriate woodworking skills to solve challenges as they arose.

St John Paul College, Coffs Harbour

Ethan Sultana

Title: Study Desk
Statement: This study desk is a modern piece of furniture constructed with classic joinery including mortise and tenons, and dovetails, as well as utilising contemporary technologies such as domino joinery, computer numerically controlled routing and laser cutting.

Michael Casey

Title: Altar
Statement: Being a committed Catholic gave me the motivation to make an altar for my Major Project, which was different to other traditional woodworking projects. I combined woodworking skills, CAD drawings, fine woodturning and a great design with my faith to produce a timeless piece of work.

St Joseph's Regional College, Port Macquarie

Chloe Cooper

Title: TV Cabinet
Statement: Although the TV cabinet appears to be traditionally square, everything from the carcase mitres, splayed base and draw design has incorporated a variety of angles which complicated the construction process of my Major Project. The cabinet is crafted from local Backbutt timber and incorporates push to open and soft close Jarrah draws behind the distinctive patterns.

Jordynn McAnally

Title: Entertainment Unit
Statement: After significant research I found a set of bedside tables that included a unique drawer front design that I liked and was able to incorporate into my entertainment unit. I matched the floating base curves to the drawers with the computer numerically controlled router and incorporated finger pull mitres for use as draw handles. The end product is a very distinctive and aesthetically pleasing entertainment unit that is constructed from White Mahogany with Jarrah highlights.

Jorja Freudenstein

Title: Drinks Cabinet
Statement: My Major Project, a wine buffet, was designed and constructed to fit into a specific nook in my family home. I researched a variety of existing designs and drew upon the traditional yet contemporary theme in my home to produce a unique set of plans. The final design utilised Jarrah for the wine racks and local Blackbutt timber for its visual appeal, availability, and durability. I incorporated traditional curves into the end panels using a computer numerically controlled router, and utilised soft close hinges and drawer runners.

Wilson Hooper

Title: Coffee Table
Statement: My Major Project replicated the curved floating frame of an existing entertainment unit that my brother had produced a few years ago. I spent a significant amount of time experimenting with the proportions and scale of this project to meet the brief and be visually appealing. I utilised the computer numerically controlled router for the curved frame and drop in chess board, and spent a substantial time mortising the rails through the legs. I also incorporated four soft close drawer runners within the Jarrah and Blackbutt design.

St Joseph's College, Banora Point

Zach Carrodus

Title: The Story of "CASA"
Statement: My Major Project is a film that has a detailed and complex story. Pre-production planning was detailed, and great consideration was given to professional film techniques such as angles, composition, lighting and sound. Editing was very extensive and colour grading, slow motion and sound editing were used to create this film. I have a strong link to the coast and in particular the ocean and its mysteries, which are evident in this film.

St Paul's College, Kempsey

William Butler

Title: SOLUS (A Short Dramatic Film) / Blue Wave Inc Website
Statement: Blue Wave INC is an Australian-based non-profit organisation made to both entertain and educate people on certain issues in our modern society. The aim is to spread the message of mental health issues, for example, anxiety and depression, as well as promoting the support of younger people, from ages 12 to 25, who experience these issues in their lives. This concept is also evident in my film, SOLUS.

Xavier Catholic College, Skennars Head

Zac Swan

Title: Martin Acoustic Steel String Guitar
Statement: I thoroughly researched and completed all processes of guitar making for my Major Project, from design development to selection of timber, jig making, side bending, kerfing, binding, body, neck and headstock construction, hardware fitting and project finishing. I also utilised non traditional methods including CAD design, 3D printing, laser cutting and computer numerically controlled machining.

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