Innovative Learning Environments


An Innovative Learning Environment is the successful merging of an innovative space design including furniture, technology and other infrastructure with innovative teaching and learning practices (ILETC, 2018).


Innovative learning and teaching pedagogy reflects current best practice helping students develop skills and dispositions in collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, character and citizenship. The overall aim and purpose is to improve student learning and well being outcomes through providing an innovative learning environment that promotes the curiosity and freedom to engage with content in the way that suits student needs best. 


A growing body of evidence-based research is emerging supporting Innovative Learning Environments. A clear finding is that creating innovative learning spaces must be accompanied by a change in pedagogy. This change requires a more contemporary or student-centred learning approach with teachers designing, guiding and facilitating learning experiences within a space that can be personalised, flexible and agile to meet student learning needs (Byers & Imm, 2017, cited in Bellart, 2017).