Religious Education


Religious Education lies at the heart of the Catholic School. It develops the learners’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity in the light of Jesus, and the Gospel’s unfolding story for today’s world.

Religious Education encompasses the teaching of the Catholic Tradition through liturgy, prayer and sacraments, retreat experiences, school evangelisation and social justice activities, and opportunities for service in the world.

Learning in Religious Education sets out to help young people find a worldview that promotes integrity, goodness and truth. In this we believe that:

  • All have an opportunity to come to know and experience God
  • The Good News of Jesus is central
  • Through God's Word and the Good News, God’s purpose for us is revealed
  • In Spirituality we can encounter and build a relationship with God
  • Pedagogy provides experiential learning, critical thinking and an authentic accompaniment of students.
  • Stronger relationships are fostered between families, the school and the parish at the centre of the school community.