Technology & E-Learning


Technology has become an integrated part of homes, schools and workplaces. The classrooms of today and the future will use technology as an enabler, opening up new learning experiences to our students that were previously time consuming or out of reach.


For students, technology provides them with different ways to go about creating, composing, responding to and using information, rather than just reproducing and consuming it. Effective teaching involves students in learning that is engaging, inspiring and exciting, empowering our learners with the skills and knowledge they need for today and the world of tomorrow.  Our understanding of how students learn has changed and you can see this reflected in the Contemporary Learning Framework.


Technology is constantly changing, therefore it is important that we teach our students digital literacy skills to empower them to use technology appropriately and with confidence. Students need to be able to think critically and creatively, so that they are able to learn in today’s world, and become active and contributing members of a digitally rich society.