Fullness of Life Framework

Guided in Gospel values and grounded in the Catholic tradition, our Fullness of Life Framework enriches the learning experience of each student.

Work began in 2018 to provide a greater sense of system coherence through the consolidation and codifying of a number of system frameworks into one education framework – the Fullness of Life Framework. Such coherence provides a ‘shared depth of understanding about the purpose and nature of our collective work regarding the mission and vision of the system and the schools to focus our efforts on supporting the fullness of life for each of our students.

The framework makes explicit the essential domains of Catholic education that are evident in all school daily life, planning and development. Each domain within the framework provides what evidence suggests enhances the faith, wellbeing and learning outcomes for all our students. It provides the fundamental values and beliefs principles of how to guide our work in achieving the mission of Catholic education in the Lismore Diocese.

Graphic showing the Fullness of Life domains

The five domains are;

  • Mission
  • Pastoral Care
  • Catholic Leadership
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Family, School and Community Partnership

When these domains work together in mutuality with each other, school communities become places of belonging and inclusiveness for all members of the community. Catholic education exists for the mission of Jesus Christ which he entrusted to the church. At the heart of this mission, based on St John 10:10 is, ‘to enable each student to achieve the fullness of life’.

The Fullness of Life Framework also provides a lens for all teachers to conceptualise the mission the church has entrusted to them through their vocation in a Catholic School in our Diocese.