Why Choose Catholic Education

A small group of students in a church

Christ lies at the heart of our school's curriculum. We provide our students with a unique faith based educational experience.

Making a choice about the best education for your child is one of the most important decisions parents undertake. We all desire a schooling experience for our children that not only provides them with exceptional educational opportunities, but also nurtures the whole human person.

Choosing a Catholic school in the Diocese of Lismore will provide your child with a unique educational and Faith experience which seeks to form them into young people of faith, hope, purpose and joy. Our schools support each child to develop a commitment to the core values of the faith;

  • Love of God
  • An opportunity for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ
  • Love and service of others
  • Integrity, goodness and truth

Our Catholic schools are Christ-centred communities which are built on a commitment to the Gospel. We seek to serve the Gospel by accompanying young people in such a way that they may experience the ‘fullness of life’ (John 10:10) in learning and living well.

What you are seeking from an educational experience for your child may be;

  • Diverse learning opportunities
  • A commitment to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical care of each child
  • A place of belonging

These can all be found in the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lismore.

Our Catholic Mission

A group of teenage students sitting in front of a cross

Christ is at the centre of all we do and all members of our school communities are provided with the opportunity to encounter the light of Christ.

Catholic Education desires to build strong communities founded on the Good News of Jesus Christ. Living out this mission means that our schools are truly Catholic in their identity and staffed by passionate people who are intentional in their vocation regarding the holistic education of each student. We want students to experience life in abundance during their time in our school communities and when they move into the wider world.


Students attending mass

The ethos of the Catholic school contributes to the evangelisation of students as they develop a Catholic worldview and learn to live a Gospel inspired life.

Evangelisation simply means announcing and sharing the Good News of Jesus’ teachings to those with a heart to listen.  Our Catholic schools are active agents in this and seek to help all students to make meaning of life and its purpose. In this, Staff are called to recognise Jesus Christ and the Gospel in the world and in their students, leading students through experience and self-knowledge, into an authentic relationship with others, with the world, and ultimately with God.

Student Discipleship

A crowd of students at a discipleship event

We guide students to truly encounter Jesus Christ and become intentional disciples through vibrant and faith-filled experiences.

A Student Discipleship continuum exists in our schools to help ‘make disciples’. This ensures space and time for those who are seeking a more intentional experience of their faith. A team of Youth Ministry Officers in the secondary school are led by staff to encourage this.