Welcome from the Bishop

Most Reverend Greg Homeming OCD
Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lismore are committed to offering families a quality education that provides opportunities for students to come to know the depth of God’s merciful love which is offered to each of us individually. Our Catholic schools seek to provide students with an education that inspires them to become good citizens within Australian society who live out their lives with meaningful purpose, compassion for others and care for creation.

Catholic education is unique in that we hold a deep commitment to the development of the whole person. As a system of schools, we see the young person before us as a unique and irreplaceable child of God and the enrichment of not only their intellect, but also their sense of wellbeing and spirituality as our mission. We also embrace the belief that Catholic education is a ministry of love where we seek the best for each of the students in our care by leading them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Our partnership with the whole family is a vital and defining aspect of our educational mission. We recognise families as the first and foremost educators of their children and seek new and vibrant ways of working together for the good of the child.

It is my sincere hope that you will find in the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lismore a community where your child will be known, respected and cared for and one which will provide them with an education that will lead them to experiencing life in all its fullness.

Bishop of Lismore
Most Reverend Greg Homeming OCD

Welcome from the Director

Adam-Spencer CEO

Our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lismore have a long and distinguished history. They have been pioneering influencers in our regional communities and a source of strength and comfort in times of both hardship and prosperity. Importantly, in a modern Church, they are significant contributors to the broader evangelising mission of our Bishop, Pope Francis and our Church as a whole. Christ is authentically present in our schools, and they are a visible and palpable commitment to His humility, love, and compassion. We take courage from and aspire to follow His example as we relate to our young people, and we commit ourselves to offer student-focused, Christ-centred learning opportunities for our students so that they will be provided with a range of opportunities to experience the fullness of life.

As you encounter our schools and the Catholic Schools Office, you will note our frequent reference to families. We recognise that families are the first and principal educators of their children. On this basis, our principals, teachers and staff work with families to support students to recognise, achieve and surpass their potential, believe in themselves and have pride in their own achievements and abilities.

Our Catholic schools foster broader areas of learning, including social and emotional development, creativity, and innovation, along with positive attitudes to learning and citizenship, all of which are critical to a student's overall success.

As Director, I am proud to welcome you and invite you to take time to explore, learn and discover more about the work of our schools. Should you require further assistance or have questions about Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore, please do not hesitate to call or contact any of our schools directly.

With best wishes
Mr Adam Spencer