Parent Resource Centre

Parent engagement in education is about parents and carers and schools working together to support children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

Helping children and young people thrive and grow into confident, engaged and faith-filled citizens in a complex and changing world is the awesome and challenging task of both families and schools working in partnership.

Because we value the critical role parents and carers play as partners in educating and forming young people, we have compiled some helpful resources to support families to raise young people who:

  • know, and are inspired to live out, our Catholic values
  • are engaged and curious learners
  • foster their own and other’s wellbeing

We hope you find these resources a helpful support for your family. If you would like to suggest additional resource that may be useful to our Catholic school families please contact

Family School & Community Partnership

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lismore understand that authentic partnerships between families and schools are a key factor in ensuring our students can reach their full potential and lead full and meaningful lives.

Learn more about Family, School & Community Partnership

Times of Transition

The transitions of schooling throughout a child's life are major milestones for both the child and their families. Transitions are times of change and so they can also be times of mixed emotional experiences. Excitement and enthusiasm can be experienced in equal measures with worry and nervousness. The following information about transitions can help parents and carers support their child through these times.

Learn more about Times of Transition

Faith & Family

The role of the family is particularly important and unique when it comes to the development of children’s spirituality.

There are countless ways to share your faith together at home and we warmly encourage you to try some of the following ways of celebrating the gift of faith within your family.

Learn more about Faith & Family

Learning From Home: Families

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lismore are committed to supporting parents during disruptions to face to face learning. The Learning from Home website is designed to provide you with support and resources to assist you as we endeavour to provide quality learning and teaching to all our students.

Visit the Learning from Home website

Child Safety & Personal Development

Catholic schools nurture the development of the whole person and care deeply about the safety and holistic care of each child.

They support the important role families have in the full development of each child - physically, intellectually, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

Learn more about Child Safety & Personal Development

Supporting Learning

Parent support of children’s learning leads to positive outcomes for young people. Research shows that children of parents who are engaged in their learning achieve better academic outcomes and have a more positive attitude toward schooling.

Learn more about Supporting Learning

Support After A Natural Disaster

It is normal to have an emotional response after a natural disaster whether you are directly or indirectly affected. Children who have survived a natural disaster often experience a wide variety of emotions which can occur immediately, later, or even long after the disaster has passed.

Learn more about Support after a Natural Disaster