Dance Showcase 2022

Dance banner image, shows ballerina's feet

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Ruby Berryman

Title: Birth of a Planet
Statement: My Core Composition concept is the birth of a planet, and my intent communicates the key processes of gathering, rebounding and forming, using an ABC narrative structure. This was derived from the ideational stimulus of the formation of a planet. Section A aims to communicate the starting point for the planet and the gathering notion of particles floating in space. Section B represents the rebounding of the particles as gravity pulls them in. Section C presents the planet as fully formed, showing the rounding quality of this final form through shape and floor pattern.

Title: Breathe In Now
Statement: This Core Dance performance focuses on being in the moment.

Maddison Reed

Title: Cat
Statement: My concept of my Composition is the characteristics of a cat and my intent is to demonstrate two of these characteristics: stretching and play through chasing a laser. Watching videos of cats enabled me to identify common movement such as stretching of limbs and the outreach of the front paws to catch, which through abstraction became motifs used in my work.

Title: Major Study Performance - Resilience
Statement: My Major Study Dance work is inspired by resilience and how despite hardship, we can rise above it.

St John's College, Lismore

Leia Golding

Title: Major Study Performance - Young and Beautiful
Statement: Young and Beautiful is about the fear of losing one’s identity whilst exploring the struggles of growing up and moving on to inevitably find your sense of self. 

Title: Core Composition
Statement: The Cherry Blossom is the life cycle of The Cherry Blossom and its importance to cultural identity, celebration and connection.

Title: Core Performance
Statement: This is my Core Performance Dance. 

Alana Rojo

Title: Surrender
Statement: This dance is about the journey of giving into the power of the unknown and uncertainty of life and the world. Inspired by COVID19. 

Felicity Hajjar

Title: Codependent
Statement: The interconnectedness and magnetism within the toxic nature of codependency is the theme of this Dance.

Ruby Hussey

Title: Hangetsu
Statement: Hangetsu is the internal battle within oneself, between the sides of Defense and Offense, which struggle to find peace.
My work was inspired by the practice of Karate.

St Joseph's Regional College, Port Macquarie

Dylan Lambert

Title: Major Study Performance
Statement: My Major Study Performance is a piece that explores the trials and tribulations of a person who suffers from a type of anxiety disorder called Agoraphobia. A person who suffers from Agoraphobia is afraid to leave environments they consider safe or comforting. Therefore, the individual may avoid leaving this environment, usually being their home, for days, months or even years.

Hannah Jennings

Title: Major Study Performance
Statement: My Major Performance Work is the exploration of the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body. Therefore it is broken into two sections; first the skeletal system where the bones are the building blocks of the body, this can be seen in the isolations of each of the major joints. The second section explores the major muscle groups of the body representing their elasticity and strength over the skeleton. 

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Gemma Kubelka

Title: Core Composition - Temptation
Statement: The concept of my Core Composition is temptation and consequence in a biblical sense. Section A focuses on the Devil taking the form of a snake, tempting Adam and Eve. Section B shows the Devil in his true form, while Section C represents hell and the Devil’s punishments.

Siobhan Thompson

Title: Core Performance - I'm Tired
Statement: The Dance was choreographed as an outgrowth of class work.

Patita Clifford

Title: Core Composition - Tsunami
Statement: My Core Composition explores the stages of a tsunami. The intent is to portray the shift of the tectonic plates, the build-up of a tsunami wave, and the release of destruction caused.

Tayla Morris

Title: Major Performance - Broken
Statement: My Major Performance shows the impact of a toxic relationship through the concept of being manipulated by the person you love and the intense feeling of loss and grief when the relationship ends.