Dance Showcase 2023

Dance banner image, shows ballerina's feet

St John's College, Lismore

Lily Lindsay

Title: Triggered
Statement: This work explores the body’s three primary responses to fear: fight, flight and freeze.

Dana Cant

Title: Neuroplasticity
Statement: This work explores the brain's ability to adapt to vision loss by re-organising its structure and re-routing information.

Annaliese Kelvin

Title: September 11
Statement: This dance conveys events of the 9/11 attacks and their impact on society including the emotional responses of shock, anger, grief and remembrance.

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Ella Bartholomew

Title: Hide and Seek
Statement: The cyclical notions of anxiety consume an individual, resulting in the generation of a toxic repetitive cycle. Dancer A (dressed in white) symbolises the individual and Dancer B (dressed in black) represents the disorder.

Josie Crethar

Title: Predation
Statement: The concept of my Core Composition is ‘predation’ with the intent to illustrate the process of a snake hunting and consuming its prey. I demonstrate the curiosity of the snake while watching and stalking its prey, then striking and capturing its prey, followed by consuming the prey.

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Melesse Mallyon

Title: Hostage
Statement: My Major Study Performance communicates the story of a young girl who is kidnapped, blindfolded and kept hostage. She manages to escape only for her story not to be believed.

Cassie Hender

Title: Tears of an Angel
Statement: When we are unable to cry our own tears, angels cry them for us.