Industrial Technology Showcase 2023

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These works cover all Industrial Technology focus areas – Timber Products and Furniture, Automotive, Electronics, Graphics, Metal and Engineering, and Multimedia.

McAuley Catholic College, Grafton

Mack Brennan

Title: Matching Armchairs
Statement: I have skillfully designed and constructed a fine set of matching armchairs. This furniture is made from durable Tallowood timber and has been finished with multiple coats of fine buffing oil. The set includes upholstered cushions for both comfort and style.

Ella Cahill

Title: Blackbutt Buffet
Statement: I have handcrafted a sleek and functional piece of furniture that showcases the rich grain patterns and warm tones of Blackbutt timber. The technically challenging curved and fluted timber ends add a distinctive touch that combines tradition with innovation. To ensure durability and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, a polyurethane lacquer has been applied. This project not only celebrates the versatility and charm of Blackbutt but also represents a harmonious fusion of design and contemporary style.

William Pattison

Title: Hollow Core 10 ft Surfboard
Statement: I have crafted a hollow core surfboard from Paulownia that boasts balance, lightweight durability and strength. The surfboard creates great visual appeal with its natural Paulownia shades complemented by contrasting cedar strips. A real feature is the laminated decorative single fin showing combinations of silky oak, hoop pine, red cedar and tulip oak. The accompanying wall mounted rack made from Spotted Gum is sleek, contemporary, yet also functional.

Jace Gilbert

Title: Pool Table 8ft
Statement: This Pool Table showcases craftsmanship and precision. The selection of Spotted Gum timber finished in a polyurethane lacquer compliments the blue colour of the felt covering the playing area. The addition of a drawer to specifically store pool cues and other items is another great design feature.

St Mary's College, Casino

Alexander Peart

Title: Puzzle Table
Statement: The table was intended as a dual-purpose project; it is to be used as a dining table and also a board game table. The project was inspired by the idea of board games; thus the puzzle top came to fruition. The majority of the project was drawn with CAD technology and cut out on a Computer Numerical Controlled router. The legs which have an organic shape, go together with a cross-halving joint, which allows the table to be easily disassembled for moving.

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Tia McGrath

Title: Live Edge Study Desk
Statement: A unique and original desk design constructed from Camphor Laurel and Tasmanian Blackwood. A live edge slab is used for the desk top with breadboard ends connected with handmade dowel. Features include a mountain inlay design on the back rail and on the drawer base veneer. Tapered legs are connected to the side rails with half lapped dovetails. Low shelves also have breadboard ends, and the shelf support rails are attached to the legs with hand cut dovetails. Drawers are constructed with dovetail joints and have angled fronts.

Jared McKinnon

Title: Curved Top Study Desk
Statement: My design was based on an existing curved Study Desk and is constructed from Rose Gum and Jarrah timber. Plywood drawer bases have dovetailed joints. Featuring curves and inlay design cut with a Computer Numerically Controlled router.

Ethan Hawkins

Title: Record Cabinet
Statement: Constructed from Spotted Gum with dovetailed drawers with rounded corners joined using domino joints. Features include sliding doors and push to open drawers. Design based on existing design and modified to suit personal preferences.

Didj Beltzig

Title: Record Cabinet
Statement: Featuring a Blackbutt carcass with Blue Gum panel sliding doors, and with an inlay feature of a geometric design cut on a Computer Numerically Controlled router. Dovetail joints are used on the drawer bodies.

Noah Thick

Title: Curved Lid Blanket Box
Statement: This blanket box is constructed from Jarrah and Blackbutt with a Camphor Laurel base. It features a sliding drawer with dovetail joints and an inlay in the drawer base. It also has a laser cut feature on the face panel and a curved lid.

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Lauren Evans

Title: What Do You Live For?
Statement: My motivation to create this project derives from a deeply personal reflection on the aspects of life that matter most to me, the love I have for the individuals around me and the little things that make life worth living. I strive to enlighten my audience with an appreciation of the moments and interactions they experience within their world that make their life meaningful.

Simon Dywer

Title: Senses
Statement: The aim of this project is to create a short film using a range of multimedia tools that showcase the five senses in an artistic and visually appealing way. The key objective of the film will be to evoke the biophysical and sensory human experience of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.