Music Showcase 2023

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Lachlan O'Sullivan

Title: Tomorrow
Statement: This composition uses a range of contemporary music making techniques compiled digitally using music sequencing software. The work is in an electronic dance music style with influences from electronica.

Callum Pender-Buchan

Title: Paper Iron by Mark Spence
Statement: Paper Iron is a Percussion Duet that features a wide range of instruments including drums and mallet percussion. It contains complex rhythmic patterns and requires great synchronicity with regard to ensemble.

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Isaiah Galloway

Title: Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran
Statement: Vocal performance.

Landon Broadley

Title: Bee Bossa Nova
Statement: A composition that explores the voice in the topic 'Instrument and its Repertoire'. My inspiration is from the quote "according to all known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fly". As a vocalist, I wanted to explore a full range of vocal sounds in my exploration and development of this work.

St Joseph's Regional College, Port Macquarie

McKinley Halls

Title: Piece en form de Habernera by Maurice Ravel
Statement: Saxophonist performance with piano accompaniment.