Textiles Technology Showcase 2023

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McAuley Catholic College, Grafton

Ella Cahill

Title: Jacaranda Haute Couture Maxi Dress
Statement: My functional and aesthetically pleasing haute couture maxi dress showcases my inspiration from the Jacarandas that are local to my community. My garment is made from a nylon tulle lace with the addition of a 100% polyester satin slip mini dress. My theme centres around the beauty of our local community and the historic significance of the Jacaranda tree.

Mischa McGrath

Title: Formal Garments
Statement: My formal garments design inspiration has been drawn from velvet, 1950s evening wear and Princess Diana's Sapphire blue engagement ring, along with modern day fashion trends. Through the inspiration of velvet, both its drape and shape proves relevant in the construction of the garments skirt, due to its soft drape and its ability to compliment and hold shape.

Isabelle Ellis

Title: Textile Art
Statement: My textile art is heavily influenced by nature. Mirjam Gielen has been a significant inspiration for this concept, as her nature-inspired patterns and eco-friendly works have guided my ideas. My harmonious blend of nature-inspired patterns, sustainable practices, and embroidery techniques form the foundation of my artistic expression, creating a captivating and environmentally conscious textile artwork.

Layla Warren

Title: My Nan's Garden
Statement: My Nan's garden has inspired me to capture the earthy tones and the shapes of the garden in my work. Free motion embroidery is an innovative and important assembling tool in my design. I have chosen intricate patterns and details inspired by honeycomb. Hand stitching and beading in my design creates a contrast of different volumes and textures.

St John Paul College, Coffs Harbour

Jayda Kachel

Title: Children's Sunflower Dress
Statement: A 1970s vintage inspired, hand embroidered children's garment with flutter sleeves and reversible. The garment has been constructed using white linen and dainty floral printed cotton. Hand dyed lace feature on the pockets and under the flutter sleeves. The back of the dress is finished with timber buttons and straps that can be secured in a cross over fashion.

Maya Loader

Title: Brown/White 3 Piece Suit Set
Statement: A Giorgio Armani influenced three piece suit set, designed and constructed with stylish 1970's androgynous approach, which captivates women's entry into the workforce while also signifying femininity and beauty of the female form. Subtle lace applique complements the business-like suit structure with the addition of a contrasting white corset top to modernise the design.

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Max Sponder

Title: 1950's Dress and Leather Jacket
Statement: Juxtaposing apparel items inspired from 1950's stereotypes 'Greaser' jacket and 'housewife' dress. These were designed to challenge the perpetual expectations and rights of women, and also establish a rebellion by styling the two pieces together. Innovative pattern-making and highly technical manufacturing techniques were utilised along with sublimation printed and hand painted linings.

Suraiya Smith

Title: 1920's Lace Evening Gown
Statement: Luxurious lace embroidered gown with ostrich features and beading which was inspired by the glamourous fashions of the 1920-1930's, along with contemporary bridal designer Berta Balilti. Haute couture pattern-making and construction techniques were integrated in the creation of this tailor-made, sophisticated, heirloom-quality evening gown.

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Madison Healey

Title: Coral Bleaching
Statement: The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the environmental effects of coral bleaching. The dress is designed in a haute couture style symbolising luxury, and hence it stands out in the crowd.The combination of colours and textures are eyecatching and promote the political message that inspired this design.